Real Money Casino Report with Different Player Types in Canada

All real money casino members in Canada can be conventionally divided into several groups. Here, we will consider the most common types of players depending on their different characteristics.

According to The Status

Canadian online betting houses possess a great number of incentive schemes that vary by their clients’ statuses. There are ordinary clients, high rollers, and VIP casino thrill seekers.

real money Canadian casino players

Ordinary Clients

Ordinary clients have no special betting skills and gamble once in a while. They may go weeks without opening their accounts unless they want to enjoy their favorites. They have varied gaming interests and flit from slots to tables and lotteries capriciously.

These players usually deposit relatively small sums of money and happily wager it over time, maybe not making another investment at all. For casual thrill seekers, a visit to an online studio is all about enjoyment rather than greed for gain.

High Rollers

High rollers enjoy playing for large sums of funds. In return, they may get more generous bonuses, higher betting limits, and more attractive wagering requirements than ordinary players from online casinos. So-called whales always strive to experience the adrenaline rush that a spin of a wheel with a good deal of chips at stake delivers.

Their favorite games are tables with the live dealer option. These real-time big-money entertainments bring them a lot of excitement. However, deep-pocketed clients also spend hours placing huge bets on progressive jackpot slot machines as well. They are focused more on the whole process rather than the outcome.

VIP Club Members

All online betting houses have special offers to accommodate “elite” clients. These are loyal members that stick to a particular casino, play on a regular basis, and participate in its referral programs. In its turn, the studio gives them VIP treats and various privileges for their devotion.

These encouragements usually suit the needs of every gambler. Moreover, they bring extra excitement with occasional gifts that are not available for regular players. Thrill seekers can enter these schemes automatically as they start betting or only if they meet specific requirements and get a personal invitation.

According to The Playing Mode

Online casinos allow Canadian gamblers to try various games and strategies on a demo or fun mode. When thrill seekers are ready for a serious game, they can start playing for actual cash. However, there are those who never pass to the next stage as they are not willing to make any investments. Therefore, there are free and real money casino players.

real money Canadian casino

Real Money Casino Members

Real money clients are those putting into action their cash. These may be ordinary gamblers or high rollers what depends on the number of chips they are willing to invest. No matter how often they enter their player accounts and how big their entertainment budget is. If they wager their own funds, they belong to this category.

Free Player Report

Free players tend to test various gambling games in a demo mode. However, some of them create profiles to benefit from welcome packages that commonly include free spins and play time. These clients are usually either beginners who are not ready to wager real money yet, or those who are going to try their fate just for fun.

Even though they can win some chips without uploading any funds into their accounts, they will need to make a minimum deposit to withdraw their winnings anyway.

Gamblers in Canada According to The Intent

There are three main types of real cash casino players regarding their intent.

  • Professional gamblers are those betting on a regular basis. They continually develop their wagering skills and test new strategies. For them, placing bets on the Internet is not only a hobby but also a lifestyle.
  • There are casino addicts who strive to get a strong dose of adrenaline and endorphins when winning big. However, they are not always lucky, and they often get the cheese when chasing their losses.
  • Another category includes regular members who play either for real cash or fun and aren’t willing to invest much money, if any.