Frequently Asked Questions among Casinos High Rollers

The casino industry is constantly changing and improving. Developers try their best to bring something new to players and to make the entertainment even more enjoyable. Therefore, all users, both beginners and high rollers, have questions concerning new rules, status, VIP programs, promotions, and banking options. We have prepared an exclusive guide that will help you find answers and get better at gambling.

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Who is a High Roller and How to Become One?

High rollers, also known as whales, are the players who place large sums of money very frequently. In order to become one, it is not necessary to possess billions of dollars. However, you must always follow some strategic steps.

The first thing we recommend you to do is to play big and often. This will allow to establish your status and to gain credit in the casino’s eyes.

Then, if you want to sit at one table with other famous whales, a number of your bets have to be much higher than the average ones.

The last but not least thing you should do is to master your game, for example, baccarat or poker that will allow you to win big.

Are VIPs and Whales The Same?

Often high roller casinos players automatically get accepted to the VIP clubs, where they receive equal bonuses and promotions. However, we should differentiate these two separate groups. They may receive the same encouragements, but still, they are slightly different. Some thrill seekers believe that it is harder to become a VIP Club member because you have to play in that particular casino for some time.

What Are the Bonus Programs?

Online whales receive many bonuses and promotions. Those gifts come in two types: cashable, which you may keep after meeting wager requirements, and non-cashable, which you may wager and keep earnings, but not the bonus. The main representatives here are sign in, free play, and match bonuses.

What Games Are the Most Popular?

Casino high rollers may play any game on the market, including ones custom-made for them. Developers make entertainments of high quality, so even the most demanding customers can find something to their taste. The list of available options includes roulette, poker, baccarat, and many fun customized slots.
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Are There Some Requirements for a Casino?

Unfortunately, not all of the casinos on the market are responsible and trustworthy. Stories about scams and thefts are not very common, but that fear keeps many people away from betting houses. We can ensure you that you will have the best experience with gambling if you check on some things first.

A license or its absence should be the one of the things you look up at the just discovered website. It must not be up to date and issued by illegal authority.

The other one is reliable casino payment methods. The last personal advice for you is to keep your log in information secure, so no one may access your account.

How to Make Deposit or Withdrawals?

The process itself is not any different from the one in the usual casino, except you will transfer large sums of money. Therefore, you should be especially careful when it comes to choosing the right payment method. You may pay with debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard), or e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Click2Pay).