Best Roulette Strategies in Canadian Real Money Casino Report

Every real cash casino game has its secrets and tactics knowing and using which Canadian gamblers can significantly increase their chances to win. Below, we provide a complete list of common roulette tactics and systems used by professional players, as well as myths and facts that may come in useful.

Roulette Strategies Facts and Fiction Report

Before you invest your time and savings in roulette, it is recommended to consider some useful information regarding this gambling entertainment.

real money  casino roulette strategies for Canadians

Never pay attention to previous spins as they have no effect on future ones.

Moreover, you can not use a method of a long-term balance in online real money casino roulette like you do with its land-based version as there are no visible defects on the wheel.

Some novices in Canada believe that only sizing their bets can help them to win; however, they are wrong as this has nothing to do with their chances and payouts. If you choose an ineffective system, it is a bit stiff to expect that bankroll management will help you to improve your odds. Wagering more or less will only make you lose faster or slower.

Real Money Casino Roulette Tactics

The most popular casino software developers offering roulette for Canadians are the following: Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, Realtime Gaming, and NetEnt. When it comes to playing this game for real cash on the Web, you should be aware of its many versions coming with slightly different rules.

Your choice of the right tactic will greatly depend on the variant you are going to play. Below, there is some information on different strategies that may work for some players and turn out to be useless for others.

Martingale System

This system is all about wagering more after losing until you are into luck. Even though players commonly use it on colors, you can apply it to betting on countable or uncountable numbers if you choose the right progression. Therefore, if you always double your parlay, then you are likely to succeed and get back all of your preceding losses eventually.

Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is very similar to the Martingale; however, it involves a slower progression than the previous one and is all about getting back losses over more than one successful spin. Although you have high chances to lose more rounds, but still you are likely to succeed at long last.

real money roulette in Canadian casino

Cover The Table

This tactiс suits those players who are ready to place multiple bets. The main point is to put into action as much of the table as possible and hope that today is your lucky day. For instance, you can cover 35 numerics, 17 splits, 11 streets, and so on.

James Bond Tactic

The James Bond strategy has something in common with the Cover the Table one and is all about betting on 2/3 of the wheel, including zero and excluding numbers from one to thirteen. This system is suitable only for those gamblers who have enough budget to withstand a possible long losing run.

Labouchere System

This method is only popular with advanced thrill seekers as it is more intricate than other systems and requires some skills and much practice. The main point of this tactic is to build your betting list and cross figures off it as the bet is successful. The game continues until the line is canceled off, meaning that the player won the desired sum of money, or until he or she runs out of a budget.