Competition Report for High Rolling Casinos Players

High rollers are not only the players who place generous bets but also those who are very passionate about the game process. If you happen to sit with them around one table, you will notice their thirst for excitement and competition right away.

That is why high limit casinos do not stay aside and find the ways to satisfy all of their customers’ desires. For that reason, betting houses often run tournaments, which encourage players and determine the best of the best.

high roller casinos tournaments

Main Casino Tournament Types

If you enjoy competing, you can easily become a participant and challenge yourself.Note that there are different kinds of contests on the offer. The most popular ones are freezeout, where once you’ve lost you can not proceed to the game in the future. And the second type is rebuy, where you are able to earn a place in the game again even after you’ve bust.

Due to another classification, we can distinguish two tournament types such as regular and ticket based ones. Online high roller competitions form a separate category because they are open only for whales and the prizes here are much larger.

Regular Contests Report

In regular contests, participants invest their own money and compete against others. The leaders list is updated immediately online and sometimes it can include from 10 to 25 lucky winners. It’s not a surprise that winning sums here can reach giant amounts.

Ticket Based

As we have already mentioned, there are special ticket based contests that are in favor of casino high limits. As the name suggests one needs to buy a ticket beforehand in order to take part. Also, there are schedules and the administration always writes a time period, during which you may enter the contest.

In most of the cases, it is easy to enter these games, but there are still some you have to qualify for. The prizes are very attracting: a variety of gadgets, money, or even a trip to different countries.

Who Provides Software?

The good-quality software is very important because high limit casinos always want to make sure that tournament run smoothly and everyone is satisfied. Each year they challenge developers to come up with even more exciting game designs. Fortunately, the most reliable providers like Microgaming and NetEnt successfully meet all the client’s needs.

Most Popular Games among High Rollers

High rollers have a golden opportunity to check out every game available. However, the ones that excite them the most are slots, baccarat, and blackjack.

competitions at high roller casinos

Baccarat Competitions

Advanced players say that winning in baccarat competitions is easy, as long as you follow the rules. A tournament usually starts with buy-in, where all of the players get the same number of chips. Then, they all play a several rounds of the amusement. A participant with the largest number of chips, in the end, becomes a winner.

Blackjack Freerolls and Buy-ins

As any other popular game, blackjack also has a variety of different contests. There are two options for every player: freerolls, where there is no need to place additional bets in order to take part and buy-in contests with the required entry fee.

Multiplayer Slot Tournament

In the multiplayer slot tournaments, gamblers compete with each other. They gain points by spinning a wheel as they usually do in the regular gameplay. The number of points scored determines the lucky winner.