Report with The Best Casino for Real Money Software in Canada

The entertainment market in Canada does not stay still, it is continuously developing and growing. Real money casinos, as its kind, have been known for ages, but the first online versions of popular games appeared relatively not very long time ago.Now, a dozen software developers provide betting houses with the most interesting and exciting content.

We can surely say that those companies fully meet the challenge of the ever-growing industry and satisfy even the most demanding users. We will talk about the best of them in our exclusive guide.

software developers for real money Canadian casino

Playtech Real Money Casinos

Playtech is the largest soft developer on the market. After its establishment in Estonia, in1999, the company has grown tremendously. Today it has headquarters all over Europe, in such countries as Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and Serbia.

Such great success can only be explained by the high-quality of their products. The team focuses mainly on the demands of their clients and offer a huge variety of games, including ones with a live dealer and progressive jackpots.

Microgaming Developer

Probably, there is no a single person out there who has not heard of the Microgaming. This company appeared in 1994, and quickly became one of the leaders of the industry. Every casino powered by Microgaming is able to provide their customers with an auto play, an expanded game help, service support, and a statistics data. Players find such services to be extremely useful.

Interactive Gaming Technology

Interactive Gaming Technology, or IGT, has been creating slots long time before online casinos appeared. In 2005, the company made some rearrangements and finally entered the market of online gambling. We can say that the transition has been successful, because now the provider has a worldwide fame.

It offers everything that a thrill seeker can even think of: streaming, no download games, and mobile gambling applications. Also, the menu of amusement offers updates constantly, so Canadians will never get bored.

real cash Canadian casino providers

Novomatic Software

As Novomatic Company firstly came into the scene in 1980 in Austria, its main focus was developing slot machines for land-based casinos. Now, since the market has changed tremendously, it provides software for online houses as well. Players say that the manufacturer does everything possible to make gambling very fun and easy. It proposes streaming and no-download content, which is very convenient for today’s rhythm of life.

Next Gen Gaming

Next Gen Gaming is an Australian company that started the work in 1999. Now, it has become a huge network of casino developers, with more than a 100 partners all over the world. The main goal is to make gambling available to everybody primarily by simplifying challenging rules. The company has a huge portfolio of social gaming libraries, as well as a classic casino, bingo, and lottery-style entertainments.

CryptoLogic Report

CryptoLogic is a widely known software developing company that was founded in 1996 in Ireland. The manufacturer has gained the fame and recognition very quickly, primarily due to different customized slots. According to the reviews, players like the scenery of the games and their fair rates the most.

Even though, the graphics is the thing the company still should work on, the variety of amusements offered is pretty impressive. CryptoLogic also adds separate accounts for real money and play money casino games, which makes the software even more user-friendly.


WagerWorks is a company that originally appears as a part of a huge gaming corporation. Since 2005, it is an absolutely independent provider and a top choice for many users. Canadian players say that its software is technologically advanced and easy to use. WagerWorks offers a huge variety of games, including different customized slots.

Report with Mobile Real Cash Casino Versions in Canada

The history of the online mobile casino for cash in Canada started in the early 2000’s. Therefore, it is a relatively new invention when it comes to gambling on the Internet. WAP entertainments were the first to come onto the scene.

Later, software developers began to use Java and Flash technologies to create amusements for smartphones. And only in 2010, they got an opportunity to produce high-quality web-based cross-platform apps powered by HTML5.

real money Canadian casino for mobile

iPhone Casino Report

In 2007, when Apple released its first smartphones, the leading software developers started designing online casinos for iOS devices. As long as the brand phones do not support Flash technology, after the introduction of the HTML5, iPhone betting houses have become extremely popular.

Today, many Canadian players access various mobile gambling apps with outstanding graphics using their cells. While these entertainments aren’t in abundance at the App Store, one can find more of them on various websites.

Instant Play Option

There are online casinos for cash that come with an instant play option, meaning that players can enjoy their favorites via a browser without the need to download them on their devices. These staking rooms are especially popular with those who don’t have enough memory space on their mobiles or don’t want to get it occupied or simply have no time to wait for an app to be installed on their smartphones.

Unique Bonuses and Promotions

Because different mobile casinos always compete with each other, there are lots of special bonuses and promotions for all Canadian smartphone users on the offer. There are exquisite incentives for those owning iPhones. These encouragements come as a great addition to regular sign-up programs and reload promos provided to all players on the Internet.

mobile Canadian casino for real money

Android Casinos for Canadians

Android is another operating system used for many modern gadgets. In terms of sales, this brand even outpaces iPhones. Therefore, lots of software developers provide Canadians with an extensive network of online casinos designed with this OS in mind.

Game Variety

On Android devices, gamblers can play almost every kind of online games available for mobiles: tables, slot machines, video poker, and specialties such as keno, bingo, and others. Except for the entertainments that thrill seekers can find on many conventional websites, these casinos allow them to take advantage of various bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs.

Download Versions and Google Play Market

Except for HTML5 and Flash based houses that require no setting up, there are other versions – Android gambling apps which mobile users need to install on their handies. These applications offer better graphics and sound effects than their web-based counterparts. Players can download these entertainments from the Google Play Market or various sites at no cost.

Safety Issue of Mobile Casino for Cash

In Canada, there are two third-party auditing firms overseeing Canadian mobile casinos. These are eCOGRA and TST that approve reputable operators, control online gambling, and prevent players from potential risks.

Except for checking licenses and certificates a particular betting house obtains, it is also advisable to assure oneself that it possesses a secure random number generator, has a healthy business model, and a good track record with Canadians.

Report with Download Process for Canadian Real Money Casinos

In terms of access, there are two types of online real cash casinos for Canadians. These are downloadable and web-based betting houses. Both variants have their own merits and flaws and therefore, it’s up to every gambler to decide on what to choose. Let’s find out the peculiarities of the games that require installation before one can enjoy them.

real cash Canadian casino downloading

Real Cash Casinos for PC

To seize the most out of wagering on the Internet, your best bet at desktop online establisments. This type of studios is the most common for Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Once you decide on the variant you want to set up, you have to proceed with the download process. To do that, take these simple steps:

• Search for a website that offers the needed real money casino in Canada and follow a corresponding link to download an executable file on your PC;
• Select the location for the software;
• Click on the online house icon and wait for it to start installing;
• Launch the amusement.

Prior to gambling for real cash, you will need to open a player account and make your first deposit. Take note that Mac computers are compatible only with instant play versions accessed via the Safari browser.

Mobile Casinos Downloading

An increasing amount of online casinos in Canada is now offering mobile versions that are compatible with both smartphones and tablets. There are many games designed for devices running different operating systems.

The best options deliver excitement that is very similar to what thrill seekers experience while playing their desktop variants. From now on, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS users can download a wide variety of gambling entertainments on their smartphones from a particular website or an app storefront.


Apple users can now download mobile casinos from the AppStore, which is a specific online marketplace offering a host of gambling games at no cost. These entertainments usually propose players a great wagering experience directly from their iPhones and iPads.

All of them run smoothly and seamlessly on different iOS devices of any generation. Keep in mind that these amusements are typically available only for residents of particular countries, so double check whether Canada is on the list.

Google Play Market

The Google Play Market is a digital storefront where one can find many apps designed specifically for Android-powered phones and tablets. These titles come in abundance, range from A to Z, and include lots of online gambling entertainments that are primarily available for download at no charge. While currently on this platform there are only free play houses, Canadians have to search for their real money versions on conventional websites.

download real money Canadian casino

Microsoft Store Report

Even though Windows-powered smartphones are not as popular as their Android and iOS counterparts, there is the Mircosoft Store filled with lots of apps that let users access a number of amusements. From this digital platform, Canadian thrill seekers can download various free and paid online real cash casinos and enjoy them on their cells while on the go.

BlackBerry World

In 2009, Blackberry users got their own service where they can browse, download, or update various free and paid applications, including online real money casino games offered by the world’s leading providers. Gambling entertainments have been a part of the BlackBerry App World since its release. Today, many major software developers cooperate with the service supplier to create brand-specific titles.

Accessible Types of Entertainments

There are currently an abundance of different real cash gambling units. As for download versions Canadians can now try their fate with slot machines, tables, lottery-type games, and various specialties such as scratch cards and keno.

All of these amusements usually come with a number of variations that feature a slightly different rules and interface. Some options, even allow placing sports bets that greatly increase the players’ chances to win.

Report about Addiction to Online Casinos for Real Cash in Canada

Compulsive gambling leads to a multitude of problems such as legal, professional, social, and financial issues. It is common for many players wagering in online casinos for real money. Since this industry is very popular in Canada, let’s review major signs of such a disorder as well as myths and facts associated with it.

Truth and Myths about Real Money Casino Addiction

Those Canadians who believe that to become addicts they have to play at online real cash casinos frequently are wrong. In fact, no matter how often they wager on the Internet until their hobby represents a major concern.

real money casino addiction in Canada

Some think that if one can afford to spend much, then being addicted is not that bad; however, they forget that dysfunctional gambling behavior doesn’t only cause financial troubles.

It also leads to job loss, depression, and suicide. It has been also said that bailing problem casino players out of debt can help them to recover from the devastating habit; however, this will only enable thrill seekers to continue their self-destructive activity.

Problem Signs among Canadians

The signs of dysfunctional gambling behavior among Canadian casino players are similar to those of other addictions. They include:
• Lying to others about their bad habit;
• Feeling the need to wager more and more;
• Borrowing money from others without admitting the real reason why they need these funds;
• Placing bets to escape anxiety rather than for fun;
• Chasing their losses;
• Making friends and family worry about their obsession.

Emotional Symptoms Report

It’s easy to reveal a problem player analyzing his or her temper. Those experiencing compulsive gambling suffer from a wide variety of emotional symptoms. These include dismal mood, angst, suicidal ideation, and self-harming tendencies.

In some cases, self-defeating thoughts can even make addicts try to kill themselves. Losing everything to betting on the Internet is very hurtful and leaves many casino lovers lonely and desperate.

Physical Evidence of Casino Addiction

Because compulsive gambling at Canadian online real money casinos can cause negative emotional symptoms we’ve mentioned above, there are also several physical signs associated with this addiction. Sometimes, despair and angst can lead to sleep disorders, which usually result in weight issues, acne, skin pallor, and dark under-eye circles.

addiction to real cash Canadian casino

Safe Ways to Play Online Casino

Even though playing for cash on the Web can trigger addiction, there is no need to avoid online staking rooms especially if wagering brings you excitement. To keep everything under the control, it is crucial to be aware of possible problems and follow simple rules.

Bankroll Control

Before starting to place stakes, it is recommended to allocate your entertainment budget in advance. In order not to spend more than thrill seekers have planned, they always need to check their losses and never go beyond all bounds. The worse thing they can do when wagering is to take loans by utilizing their plastic cards. In such a case, the players lose way more than they can afford, getting into debts.

Changing Activity

Many people start placing bets when they are in need of excitement. If you do the same, then avoid getting bored. Instead, limit your time spent at online houses and keep yourself engaged in other safer activities to fill the gap left by wagering on the Internet.

Explore alternatives to playing on the Web – lots of Canadians continue gambling because they simply can not decide on what else they can do with their spare hours. The best way out is meeting friends or trying new hobbies such as reading books, cooking, drawing, or going for sports.

Real Money Casino Report with Different Player Types in Canada

All real money casino members in Canada can be conventionally divided into several groups. Here, we will consider the most common types of players depending on their different characteristics.

According to The Status

Canadian online betting houses possess a great number of incentive schemes that vary by their clients’ statuses. There are ordinary clients, high rollers, and VIP casino thrill seekers.

real money Canadian casino players

Ordinary Clients

Ordinary clients have no special betting skills and gamble once in a while. They may go weeks without opening their accounts unless they want to enjoy their favorites. They have varied gaming interests and flit from slots to tables and lotteries capriciously.

These players usually deposit relatively small sums of money and happily wager it over time, maybe not making another investment at all. For casual thrill seekers, a visit to an online studio is all about enjoyment rather than greed for gain.

High Rollers

High rollers enjoy playing for large sums of funds. In return, they may get more generous bonuses, higher betting limits, and more attractive wagering requirements than ordinary players from online casinos. So-called whales always strive to experience the adrenaline rush that a spin of a wheel with a good deal of chips at stake delivers.

Their favorite games are tables with the live dealer option. These real-time big-money entertainments bring them a lot of excitement. However, deep-pocketed clients also spend hours placing huge bets on progressive jackpot slot machines as well. They are focused more on the whole process rather than the outcome.

VIP Club Members

All online betting houses have special offers to accommodate “elite” clients. These are loyal members that stick to a particular casino, play on a regular basis, and participate in its referral programs. In its turn, the studio gives them VIP treats and various privileges for their devotion.

These encouragements usually suit the needs of every gambler. Moreover, they bring extra excitement with occasional gifts that are not available for regular players. Thrill seekers can enter these schemes automatically as they start betting or only if they meet specific requirements and get a personal invitation.

According to The Playing Mode

Online casinos allow Canadian gamblers to try various games and strategies on a demo or fun mode. When thrill seekers are ready for a serious game, they can start playing for actual cash. However, there are those who never pass to the next stage as they are not willing to make any investments. Therefore, there are free and real money casino players.

real money Canadian casino

Real Money Casino Members

Real money clients are those putting into action their cash. These may be ordinary gamblers or high rollers what depends on the number of chips they are willing to invest. No matter how often they enter their player accounts and how big their entertainment budget is. If they wager their own funds, they belong to this category.

Free Player Report

Free players tend to test various gambling games in a demo mode. However, some of them create profiles to benefit from welcome packages that commonly include free spins and play time. These clients are usually either beginners who are not ready to wager real money yet, or those who are going to try their fate just for fun.

Even though they can win some chips without uploading any funds into their accounts, they will need to make a minimum deposit to withdraw their winnings anyway.

Gamblers in Canada According to The Intent

There are three main types of real cash casino players regarding their intent.

  • Professional gamblers are those betting on a regular basis. They continually develop their wagering skills and test new strategies. For them, placing bets on the Internet is not only a hobby but also a lifestyle.
  • There are casino addicts who strive to get a strong dose of adrenaline and endorphins when winning big. However, they are not always lucky, and they often get the cheese when chasing their losses.
  • Another category includes regular members who play either for real cash or fun and aren’t willing to invest much money, if any.

Best Roulette Strategies in Canadian Real Money Casino Report

Every real cash casino game has its secrets and tactics knowing and using which Canadian gamblers can significantly increase their chances to win. Below, we provide a complete list of common roulette tactics and systems used by professional players, as well as myths and facts that may come in useful.

Roulette Strategies Facts and Fiction Report

Before you invest your time and savings in roulette, it is recommended to consider some useful information regarding this gambling entertainment.

real money  casino roulette strategies for Canadians

Never pay attention to previous spins as they have no effect on future ones.

Moreover, you can not use a method of a long-term balance in online real money casino roulette like you do with its land-based version as there are no visible defects on the wheel.

Some novices in Canada believe that only sizing their bets can help them to win; however, they are wrong as this has nothing to do with their chances and payouts. If you choose an ineffective system, it is a bit stiff to expect that bankroll management will help you to improve your odds. Wagering more or less will only make you lose faster or slower.

Real Money Casino Roulette Tactics

The most popular casino software developers offering roulette for Canadians are the following: Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, Realtime Gaming, and NetEnt. When it comes to playing this game for real cash on the Web, you should be aware of its many versions coming with slightly different rules.

Your choice of the right tactic will greatly depend on the variant you are going to play. Below, there is some information on different strategies that may work for some players and turn out to be useless for others.

Martingale System

This system is all about wagering more after losing until you are into luck. Even though players commonly use it on colors, you can apply it to betting on countable or uncountable numbers if you choose the right progression. Therefore, if you always double your parlay, then you are likely to succeed and get back all of your preceding losses eventually.

Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is very similar to the Martingale; however, it involves a slower progression than the previous one and is all about getting back losses over more than one successful spin. Although you have high chances to lose more rounds, but still you are likely to succeed at long last.

real money roulette in Canadian casino

Cover The Table

This tactiс suits those players who are ready to place multiple bets. The main point is to put into action as much of the table as possible and hope that today is your lucky day. For instance, you can cover 35 numerics, 17 splits, 11 streets, and so on.

James Bond Tactic

The James Bond strategy has something in common with the Cover the Table one and is all about betting on 2/3 of the wheel, including zero and excluding numbers from one to thirteen. This system is suitable only for those gamblers who have enough budget to withstand a possible long losing run.

Labouchere System

This method is only popular with advanced thrill seekers as it is more intricate than other systems and requires some skills and much practice. The main point of this tactic is to build your betting list and cross figures off it as the bet is successful. The game continues until the line is canceled off, meaning that the player won the desired sum of money, or until he or she runs out of a budget.

Best RTG Real Money Casino Report for Canadians

Not many people know that for a long time any type of gambling for money was illegal in Canada. However, everything changed in 1985, and provincial governments allowed that type of entertainment in some parts of the country. Some time later, online betting houses appeared and made Internet gambling widely popular.

Among the top world-class software providers, there are such as Microgaming, Playtech, and Cryptologic. But here we are going to analyze Realtime Gaming content.

RTG real money Canadian casino

Realtime Gaming Company

Realtime Gaming Company has always been a leader in the whole casino for cash industry because of the high-quality products it creates. Its games are not only about new designs; they are also about new concepts and ideas. RTG really cares about every player. For that reason, the company has created many suites, tournaments, progressive jackpots and bonuses that benefit all of the customers.

Real Time Casino in Action

Live dealer houses become very popular nowadays. Canadians, who appreciate the real experience and do not want to give up the comfort of their homes, always choose this kind of real money casinos. They offer a large variety of games, including roulette, baccarat, and poker. It’s easy to join the arcade. The process is based on high-tech solutions with modern cameras for live video streaming, chat, and audio connection.

Options for Canadian High Rollers

RTG casinos always treat high rollers especially. Canadian whales have the access to many attractive bonuses and promotions. For example, one may find good deals with no deposit, match, free time, free spins encouragements. They are available at many specially designed for the big spenders games, including slots, roulette, blackjack and many others.

Access Type Report

If you decide to start playing, you have to get the software first. RTG respects your time and abilities, therefore, puts out its content into two formats: instant and downloadable. The first means that you may play online via a browser and all you have to do is just to find a reliable Canadian casino for cash.

The second implies downloading and installing the software first. Both ways are fast, secure and convenient. Also, you may play both on PC ad mobile gadgets without limitations.

real cash RTG casino in Canadian

Progressive Jackpot Offers

Even though it is very hard to believe, but Canadians have a chance to become billionaires just entertaining. RTG offers many progressive jackpot titles. Also, there are $1 million reset, various boiling points, table game, symbol driven, random jackpots and many more options one will find attractive.

RTG Casino Biggest Wins

Success stories about super large wins we often hear prove the credibility of RTG online casinos. Let overview the most outstanding examples. A player from the US has managed to win $6,500 with an initial bet being just $10.7. One lucky user has become the owner of $3,940 by playing video slot on one of his evenings.

A thrill seeker from Italy has won $3,679 on the video slot with the average bet of $7.9. This actually illustrates how great and generous the company is and what goals and values it has.

Real Money Casino by BetSoft – Canadian Report

The real money casino market in Canada develops rapidly, even though it was considered illegal till 1970. As for today, no one has ever been charged for online gambling in the country, so it is an absolutely safe kind of entertainment. Many players say that betting houses are a great opportunity to relax after a tough day, to win some monetary rewards, and to have fun.

The best software providers in the Canadian casino for cash industry are Microgaming, Playtech, BetSoft, and CryptoLogic. And today we are going to review one of them.

real money BetSoft Canadian casino

BetSoft Guide

BetSoft is among number one companies, due to high-quality products it always develops. Many players say that the games this manufacturer produces are innovative, technologically advanced and super easy to understand. And all of the users enjoy 3D and mobile slots, poker, bingo, and casino table games.

Nevertheless, the way to success was long and tough. BetSoft was established in 1999 in Cyprus, and to become a real leader of the industry the company needs to compete with the others already popular at that times developers.

Licensing and Testing Report

BetSoft always keeps the licensing in check. It is a big global manufacturer, so gaining the legal status is a too important issue to be missed. The developer operates under iGaming authorizations that are issued by Curaҫao and the Malta Gaming bodies. RNG Company does the testing and carefully checks whether those licenses are up to date.

No Download Software

The main focus of BetSoft is to make an online real money casino available to everybody. That’s why the provider offers no download software. So that, there is no more need to go through the boring installation process. All a Canadian player has to do is to search the instant browser-based houses. After a quick registration, he or she will be good to go.

Real Money Casino Games

Fortunately, Canadians have access to all of the developer’s games. They come in different types, versions and modifications. Everyone definitely is going to be able to find something to his/her taste. Let’s check the most famous ones.

BetSoft real cash casino for Canadians

Virtual Table Games

Everything one likes so much about the land based casino for real money is now available on the Internet! Realistic graphics, vibrant colors, fair rules give a nice feel of a real game, except now a gambler does not even need to leave his/her home. Even the most demanding players say that they like virtual table amusements very much. The most popular ones are Baccarat, Rummy, Ride ‘Em, and Triple Edge.

Slot Machines

Slot machines do not seem to lose their popularity for the last decade. Developers do a great job constantly adding new features, characters, themes to old, known games. Canadians may also choose between plain and 3D graphics. The top 3 choices for today are Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The True Sheriff, and Good Girl Bad Girl.

Bonus Policy for Canadians

Canadian players may also use many promotions and bonuses available only to them. The unique thing about BetSoft is that there is no any setup bonus structure. With that being said, players can expect different generous encouragements from a long list of casinos. They do many creative things, such as bonus contests, free spins, and no deposit promotions. The most common encouragement is the deposit match, which helps a user to increase their investment without any special efforts.

Report with Top 5 Common Mistakes in Real Money Canadian Casino

There are many Canadians who were lucky to snack large sums of money when playing at online real money casinos. However, there are still more of those who have not found the bean in the cake and have lost their savings. Let’s review five common mistakes gamblers make when placing their bets on the Internet.

mistakes at real money Canadian casino

Terms and Conditions Ignoring

Just look at any forum related to online gambling, and you will see how many players ignore the terms and conditions attached to either bonus policy or special offers and set out on casino websites. These poor thrill seekers have lots of complaints about them being betrayed or betting houses being shady.

However, they are those ones who disturbed the peace by neglecting to read information on possible restrictions. Internet studios offer their clients various encouragements that come with specific wagering requirements one should meet. That’s why before claiming the so attractive promotions assure yourself of the ability to fulfill the conditions.

Figures Report Omitting

Before going for one or another staking room, it’s also crucial to learn some casino numbers: return to a player percentage, hit frequency, and house edge. The RTP refers to the amount of the wagered funds gamblers receive back over time. The HE determines an average profit a real money casino gets from the money put into action. And the HF is related to the number of combos bringing earnings.

Understanding and knowing these attributes and their values will help Canadians to find the best place to bet. If one neglects to check them, he or she is likely to end up with fewer winning combinations and lower payouts.

Poor Game Preparation

Another mistake we’ve decided to put in our list is not understanding the rules and strategies of games and their variations. Even though you are a profy in a particular amusement, you may not be ready to jump into its other variants. To avoid this fail, all the players need is some patience and time. Always practice your wagering skills a bit in the free play mode before placing real bets. Otherwise, you will take the risk of getting confused.

real cash Canadian casino mistakes

Budget Limit Forgetting

To get only pleasure from wagering on the Internet, it’s important to set up an entertainment budget limit and always stick to it. Canadian thrill seekers shouldn’t spend more than they have planned; otherwise, they are likely to lose more than they can afford. Once in a while gamblers should ask themselves whether they still enjoy betting. If they fail, they’d better stop playing and never chase their losses.

Problems with Real Money Casino Customer Support

Often, gamblers hesitate to contact a customer support service representative when they need professional’s help. They believe it’s impossible to receive the high-quality assistance. Sometimes, this may sound reasonable, but not concerning the reputable licensed and certified online casinos for real money in Canada.

It may also happen that players reach out casino staff with their behavior being insulting. As a result, their complaints may not be taken to the manager. In both of the cases, clients take the risk of their issues being left unsolved.

Real Cash Casino Report for VIP Canadian Players

All betting houses try to entice as many clients as possible, and Canadians are also among sought after ones. To attract and retain new members, every online real cash casino offers them VIP programs. According to these schemes, studios give high rollers and just regular gamblers incentives for their loyalty.

Here, we have decided to review the proposals offered to the big spenders in Canada. Very soon, you will find out how to deal with the programs and what the difference between these and regular encouragements is.

real money Canadian casino vip programs

VIP Program Operating Principles

Many online casinos have prepared VIP clubs for their clients who spend much money and time wagering. The membership lets thrill seekers collect loyalty points. These can be exchanged either for extra incentives, chips, gadgets, or entry tickets to various tournaments.

Some betting houses organize these schemes into tiers. The more you invest and play, the higher your level is. Therefore, putting much money into action allows Canadian gamblers to earn bigger bonuses and encouragements which can change every week or month.

Three Stages

Climbing higher on the VIP level ladder, Canadians can reach three different stages. Golden clients get five-star treatment from a casino and receive a pass to the world of exclusive encouragements.

Platinum players get all of the incentives given to the previous ones and even more – lower wagering requirements, occasional gifts, invitations to various events, and others. Diamond ones are offered the 24/7 personal account manager support service, more comps, and the best bonuses.

Real Money Casino VIP Club: Regular VS High Roller

Online betting houses for real money differentiate high rollers and just loyalty customers. So there are even two different VIP programs for both. Collecting more points, high limits receive more generous benefits than those offered to regular VIPs.

VIP Perk Report

As mentioned above, “elite” players receive various treats and lots of privileges, including bonuses and promotions. Their encouragements usually consist of welcome packages, reload bonuses and various special offers. They add extra fervor with low wagering requirements and high betting limits that are not available for other casino members.

vip club in real cash Canadian casino

Welcome Packages

Almost all real money casinos grant their clients welcome packages as soon as they sign up and make their first deposits. These proposals usually include matching promos and free chips, spins, and play time. The best studios let their players take the bonuses on several different investments and many of them have specific offers for slot machines and tables.

Reload Bonuses

This means that some betting houses give Canadians a particular percentage back from their daily, weekly, or monthly uploads. No matter whether you lose or win, be ready that a small portion of your invested money will hit your player account in the form of a reload bonus.

Special Offers

Except for delivering occasional incentives such as birthday gifts, tickets, and holiday packages, real money casinos give Canadian big spenders other special rewards for playing particular games. For example, gamblers may receive two times as many loyalty points if they choose roulette or blackjack this week. Players may find exciting challenges and points-race type proposals on the offer as well.