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Nowadays, online casinos for high rollers have become one of the largest movements in the entertainment industry. A lot of providers try their best to attract more and more players. They do that by offering exclusive bonuses, games, and progressive jackpots. NetEnt company meets the challenge of the constantly changing market and stays one of the absolute leaders of the business.

NeTent high roller casinos

NetEnt Company Report

It is hard to believe, but Net Entertainment has been around for almost 20 years now, as it was established in 1996. Since then, many things have changed, but the goal and priorities have stayed the same. Whales say that the secret of the manufacturer’s success, first of all, lies in high-quality products and large jackpots.

Download and No Download Casino

If you are willing to try NetEnt games, but have never played before, you will need to get access to the high limit casino first. You may download it on your device, or play instantly online. Both of these ways have pros and cons.

Downloadable software is safer to use, because you do not expose your computer to any viruses that are widespread on the Internet, but it takes up some of your gadget’s memory. Browser based high roller casinos are fast and easy to access even if you are always on the go, but they may not always be compatible with your type of device.

All-time Favorite Games

With a high roller status, a player gets an opportunity to play any game he/she prefers. So it is totally up to you. The collection contains anything from roulette and blackjack to specially customized video slots.

3D Online Slots

NetEnt has gone far beyond creating usual games. The provider has made 3D online slots, which are very exciting. High-quality graphics and animation do the great job giving you a feel of a real entertainment. These machines are compatible with all types of devices and are available in download and instant forms. A player from any country can join the arcade, because there is an opportunity to pick up languages.
high roller casinos by NeTent

Progressive Jackpots for High Rollers

One thing that makes NetEnt famous is progressive jackpots. The term means a prize that increases over time when every player makes a bet. This creates a so-called ‘pool’, where if one wins he/she takes everything. The sums can go as high as a couple of million dollars. The most popular dynamic game examples are blackjack, Mega Fortune slot.

The Biggest Winnings

The success stories of progressive jackpot winners break out headlines every time when someone hits it no matter whether he/she is a high roller or not. NetEnt can also brag about such lucky beggars. One of such players has bet just 25 cents and has won $24 million in Mega Fortune. Another example is a $8.73 jackpot won once in 2015 by a passionate player of Hall of Gods.

Bonus Encouragement Policy

NetEnt is very generous when it comes to funding different bonuses and promotions. Online you may find various match, no deposit, free time, free spins encouragements, in other words, everything a usual gambler gets but with much bigger amounts.

Competition Report for High Rolling Casinos Players

High rollers are not only the players who place generous bets but also those who are very passionate about the game process. If you happen to sit with them around one table, you will notice their thirst for excitement and competition right away.

That is why high limit casinos do not stay aside and find the ways to satisfy all of their customers’ desires. For that reason, betting houses often run tournaments, which encourage players and determine the best of the best.

high roller casinos tournaments

Main Casino Tournament Types

If you enjoy competing, you can easily become a participant and challenge yourself.Note that there are different kinds of contests on the offer. The most popular ones are freezeout, where once you’ve lost you can not proceed to the game in the future. And the second type is rebuy, where you are able to earn a place in the game again even after you’ve bust.

Due to another classification, we can distinguish two tournament types such as regular and ticket based ones. Online high roller competitions form a separate category because they are open only for whales and the prizes here are much larger.

Regular Contests Report

In regular contests, participants invest their own money and compete against others. The leaders list is updated immediately online and sometimes it can include from 10 to 25 lucky winners. It’s not a surprise that winning sums here can reach giant amounts.

Ticket Based

As we have already mentioned, there are special ticket based contests that are in favor of casino high limits. As the name suggests one needs to buy a ticket beforehand in order to take part. Also, there are schedules and the administration always writes a time period, during which you may enter the contest.

In most of the cases, it is easy to enter these games, but there are still some you have to qualify for. The prizes are very attracting: a variety of gadgets, money, or even a trip to different countries.

Who Provides Software?

The good-quality software is very important because high limit casinos always want to make sure that tournament run smoothly and everyone is satisfied. Each year they challenge developers to come up with even more exciting game designs. Fortunately, the most reliable providers like Microgaming and NetEnt successfully meet all the client’s needs.

Most Popular Games among High Rollers

High rollers have a golden opportunity to check out every game available. However, the ones that excite them the most are slots, baccarat, and blackjack.

competitions at high roller casinos

Baccarat Competitions

Advanced players say that winning in baccarat competitions is easy, as long as you follow the rules. A tournament usually starts with buy-in, where all of the players get the same number of chips. Then, they all play a several rounds of the amusement. A participant with the largest number of chips, in the end, becomes a winner.

Blackjack Freerolls and Buy-ins

As any other popular game, blackjack also has a variety of different contests. There are two options for every player: freerolls, where there is no need to place additional bets in order to take part and buy-in contests with the required entry fee.

Multiplayer Slot Tournament

In the multiplayer slot tournaments, gamblers compete with each other. They gain points by spinning a wheel as they usually do in the regular gameplay. The number of points scored determines the lucky winner.

Frequently Asked Questions among Casinos High Rollers

The casino industry is constantly changing and improving. Developers try their best to bring something new to players and to make the entertainment even more enjoyable. Therefore, all users, both beginners and high rollers, have questions concerning new rules, status, VIP programs, promotions, and banking options. We have prepared an exclusive guide that will help you find answers and get better at gambling.

high roller casinos faq

Who is a High Roller and How to Become One?

High rollers, also known as whales, are the players who place large sums of money very frequently. In order to become one, it is not necessary to possess billions of dollars. However, you must always follow some strategic steps.

The first thing we recommend you to do is to play big and often. This will allow to establish your status and to gain credit in the casino’s eyes.

Then, if you want to sit at one table with other famous whales, a number of your bets have to be much higher than the average ones.

The last but not least thing you should do is to master your game, for example, baccarat or poker that will allow you to win big.

Are VIPs and Whales The Same?

Often high roller casinos players automatically get accepted to the VIP clubs, where they receive equal bonuses and promotions. However, we should differentiate these two separate groups. They may receive the same encouragements, but still, they are slightly different. Some thrill seekers believe that it is harder to become a VIP Club member because you have to play in that particular casino for some time.

What Are the Bonus Programs?

Online whales receive many bonuses and promotions. Those gifts come in two types: cashable, which you may keep after meeting wager requirements, and non-cashable, which you may wager and keep earnings, but not the bonus. The main representatives here are sign in, free play, and match bonuses.

What Games Are the Most Popular?

Casino high rollers may play any game on the market, including ones custom-made for them. Developers make entertainments of high quality, so even the most demanding customers can find something to their taste. The list of available options includes roulette, poker, baccarat, and many fun customized slots.
faq for casino high roller

Are There Some Requirements for a Casino?

Unfortunately, not all of the casinos on the market are responsible and trustworthy. Stories about scams and thefts are not very common, but that fear keeps many people away from betting houses. We can ensure you that you will have the best experience with gambling if you check on some things first.

A license or its absence should be the one of the things you look up at the just discovered website. It must not be up to date and issued by illegal authority.

The other one is reliable casino payment methods. The last personal advice for you is to keep your log in information secure, so no one may access your account.

How to Make Deposit or Withdrawals?

The process itself is not any different from the one in the usual casino, except you will transfer large sums of money. Therefore, you should be especially careful when it comes to choosing the right payment method. You may pay with debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard), or e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Click2Pay).

Casino Safety Factors for High Rollers

Unfortunately, not all of the different casinos on the Internet get positive reviews. Of course, being a high roller, you’ll agree that the safety of the personal data and money is crucial.

Taking into account the above mentioned we recommend you to consider not only an advertisement, a list of games or promotions high limit casinos offer, but also their safety policy, before you sign up. Also, you’d better check licenses, digital encryption, a data privacy system, Internet providers, etc.

In our guide, we have collected all of the advice from the experienced players that will help you to avoid daunting situations.

safe high roller casinos

Casino Security

Reliable betting houses always do their best to make a player’s experience enjoyable and fun. Any violation of your rights, such as theft or unfair game, may destroy your mood and positive attitude toward the whole industry.

That’s why high roller casinos guarantee to provide a secure platform and to protect customer’s interests. They even have established a whole system to manage the process. It consists of two elements: “higher-up” and “eye-in-the-sky”.


If you want to minimize the scams chances, then take into habit checking on a casino’s license. It is first of all the permission for an online house to provide its service.

Licensing jurisdiction companies issue them. They are pretty similar in a sense, but may have described different player disputes. The most common authorities are Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, and Kahnawake.

Hi-Tech Banking and Data Security System

It’s logical that money is a number one priority for high limit online houses. They use P128-bit SSL Data Encryption technology, the purpose of which is to control and protect every transaction. Moreover, SSL software is helpful for many other services, such as banks, shops, and websites.

To get more information about betting houses’ security policy, you can go to their websites and see what the offers are. If among the payment methods you cannot find approved systems such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, or Ukash, it is time to get concerned.

Random Number Generators

Random number generators are there to ensure that the game is fair and numbers are picked out correctly. The RNG is the one and the only factor for many entertainments that dictates the outcome, so keeping it updated is important. For that reason, casinos hire independent companies that make sure software works perfectly. The documents with expertise should also be available on websites.

security at high roller casinos

Self Protection for High Rollers

No matter how reliable a betting house for whales is, if you ignore elementary safety rules you will fail. The first thing you should remember is that gambling is a kind of entertainment and obsession is not a right perspective. Second, it is a bad idea to cheat by any means, because there always will be the consequences.

Research Work before Choosing a Casino

Before picking up a platform, we recommend you to do some research first in order to determine the best option for you. As we’ve mentioned, do not buy on the advertisements, but look for independent sources of information instead. Those can be players’ reviews in different forums, and international websites.

Data Privacy

After you have registered and entered your personal information, it is highly important to keep your log in information in secret. Otherwise, anyone will be able to access your account and to steal your earnings or reach personal info.

Reliable Internet Providers

To avoid scams that can easily attach to your IP, choose Internet network carefully. Beware that free networks can sometimes be dangerous, so make sure to invest in your security. For the best experience, you should have high-quality Internet connection as well.

Best High Roller Casino Game Report

We use the term ‘high roller’ to describe players, who bet large amounts of money and do it often. They always have some privileges in casinos and receive many bonuses and promotions. The betting houses often try their best to attract such gamblers; therefore they gather best games on the market. Now, we will discuss which entertainments are worth your attention and what are their specifics.

games in high roller casinos

High Limits Slots

Slots are very popular nowadays among high roller casino players. Those are very similar to the regular machines, except the possibility to wager for higher stakes. They come in all shapes and forms, for example, video, bonus, and with progressive jackpots. You also may choose the theme of the arcade: tropical islands, cold mountains or even Marvel customized games are your options.

You will not only enjoy the process, but also benefit from it. That is because high limit slots tend to pay out much more money than the regular ones and the chances to hit the jackpot are higher as well.

Card and Table Entertainments

Card and table games are probably the most popular on the market, as people often associate them with a casino itself. Modern users do not get excited as much about all-time classics, such as poker and baccarat. That’s why providers have to come up with new conceptions and ideas. You may experience 3D variants or titles with dynamic prizes.

Blackjack and Variations

Software providers, such as RTG, Microgaming, and NetEnt, have already created many variations of BJ for high rollers. Some of them have turned into independent amusements and are very popular among players. Those include Blackjack Switch, Bonus Blackjack, Chinese Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and many others. The only thing you should remember is to check the rules first, because they may be slightly different from the original version.

Roulette Types

The advanced whales notice that even though roulette falls under the category of the most popular games, it takes some time for customers to practice the process and get used to it. However, if you have so much experience that original variant seems to be boring at times, you should consider playing other types of the entertainment. For example, European, American, and French are the ones high roller casinos users enjoy the most.

high roller casino games

Baccarat Report

Online whales really enjoy playing baccarat, because of the rules simplicity and high stakes. Providers have developed variations of that popular game. Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt staff have worked really hard to make a good-quality product, so even the biggest fans will be excited. The variations include punto banco, chemmy, and banque which are available at many online establishments.

Poker Games

It is a very popular game that has been known to mankind from the 19th century. As you may guess, since then very many variations have been created. Those include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, Razz and many others. Widely famous developers, including RTG, Microgaming, and NetEnt have taken the task very seriously and have created a terrific product that even experienced high roller casino players will find exciting.

Online and Land Based High Limit Casinos Reports

With the creation of the first online casino, the whole perception of gambling has changed. More and more people like the idea of being constantly connected to the virtual world. However, the conservatives stayed at their idea that the ardor should be posh. Here are the main characteristics of both casinos for high limits types.

high roller casinos online and land based

Land Based Casino Features

The origin of the first ever betting house is quite uncertain. However, the “ancestors” of such places definitely have been existing throughout the history of mankind. They were a part of Greek and Roman leisure time as well as Renaissance in France and England.

It is believed that the very first version of what we call gaming house nowadays appeared in the middle of the 17th century in Venice. In American history, they were famous as saloons and were quite popular until the 20th century when legal acts prohibited their functioning. The expected gross win of the modern gaming establishments was estimated around $317 billion in 2015 and is predicted to grow in the following years.

Report about Social Factors

One of the outstanding features of casino is undoubtedly the chance to meet as many various people as possible. One can easily get used to luxurious life, get acquainted with those who have some status and resources, thereby quenching the need to improve social significance. Most thrill seekers visit a casino with the purpose to fit into a certain social circle. It also allows earning certain reputation and respect.

Interior and Atmosphere

Pleasant, unobtrusive music, welcoming smiles of the charming waitresses who serve free drinks and snacks, stylish interior, men and women wearing formal and elegant clothes create perfect conditions for the gambling process. Such a casino atmosphere of comfort and coziness will allow forgetting all the stress and problems of the daily routine. And so that even slot machines sounds sweeter.

high limit casinos online vs land

Online Casinos for High Rollers

Microgaming is considered to be the very first online house that was founded in 1994. A bit later, the company decided to focus on the development of the entertainments and became quite successful when the first license for the web was released in 1996.

The online gaming industry contributed to the economy of the US in the amount of about $240 billion in 2014. And we should admit the important contribution of online high roller casinos, that have some special characteristics.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online houses are quite famous for the offers that they do to attract more visitors. Once getting in such establishment, a newcomer may feel that gifts are falling down on his/her head. And in fact, once registering a gambler gets a welcome reward, once making a first charging he or she gets a match promo, once inviting a friend also a surprise will follow. Apart from that, there are also no-deposit presents.

Free Play Option

Another good side of online establishments is that everyone can check the game without putting own money and therefore choose the best amusement to his or her taste, get rid of unnecessary doubts and examine the reliability of a casino. Free money and spins do not require any account investments.

Anywhere Anytime with Any Language and Any Currency

However, the best feature of any online high roller casino is its accessibility in any place and anytime. Nowadays, even the most avid gambler may enjoy so adored arcades on a mobile device or a tablet while waiting in the queue, going to work or simply relaxing on the sofa at home.

Furthermore, the access to all the entertainments is instant and the support service is carried out 24 hours a day. Online houses also adjust to the needs of their clients and widen the range of languages and currencies so that greater circle of people can join them.

Best High Roller Casinos Worldwide in One Report

The history of online gambling dates back 1990s, when the information technologies and personal devices entered our daily life and the World Wide Web allowed us to stay in touch with others 24/7. In the meanwhile, the legal side of the business didn’t stay aside. A lot of new laws regulating high roller casinos sphere in various countries appeared. Here we will discuss this industry in the most outstanding countries.

high roller casinos world wide

United Kingdom Online Houses

The UK has made gambling legal for its citizens. With the adoption of the Gambling Act 2005, a new Commission that supervises the market of online gaming in the country appeared. Thus, players may feel safe as never before because all online establishments have to receive the official license issued by this body.

These supervised casinos please their customers even with live croupiers in roulette and blackjack. An instant support also keeps visitors confident about their money.

Australian Market Report

The Australian world of gaming is not forbidden for its high rolling players. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 concentrates on the providers so to ensure the security of its residents. So the Australians can benefit from betting rooms to the fullest.

The best websites can be revealed with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission license or eCOGRA sign. The most well-known software developers here are Aristocrat and Microgaming that offer their users the best pokies with the highest standards of the service.

Casinos for Canadians

Betting is quite attempting amusements for many Canadians. Modern laws do not restrict the gaming sphere as much as it was a couple of decades ago and the only essential thing for the establishment nowadays is to get the permission from the government. Though a light confusion may appear due to the absence of clear act stating whether it is legal for citizens to gamble or not.

Nonetheless, the fact remains obvious that no one got arrested and people still enjoy their free time in the online world. Playtech and Microgaming are among the leader of high roller casino developers in this region. They provide a range of various competitions, special promotions, and bonuses as well as progressive jackpots. There is no more reason to worry about the high stakes due to a modern security system.

Options for The US High Rollers

Online gaming is very popular amusement among the US citizens. It is necessary to point out that there are two major levels of legal regulation of gambling. There are three main acts that prohibit online betting on the federal level. In the meanwhile, some States adopt their own laws restricting certain types of online amusements.

casinos for high rollers  in different countries

It is crucial to check whether the online house accepts the players not only from the USA but from respective States as well.RTG provides US high rollers with the impressive selection of games of chance and also possesses quite understandable and easy rules of charging and withdrawing so that everyone will get a chance to try out his or her fortune without previous experience.

International Online Casinos

As we’ve mentioned above, when choosing a place to bet, it is crucial to check the existing regulations and laws towards your country. And if you live in a country where high roller casinos are not easily accessible opt for international ones.

In most cases, online establishments powered by RTG and Microgaming suit players from around the globe the most. They also possess a big number of amusements including progressive jackpots, live table, and scratch games.

High Roller Casinos with Live Dealer Reports

With the establishment of new live online casinos for high limit players, each player got the opportunity to dive into the exciting world of fun gambling. It allows not only the instant access to favorite amusements but also the possibility to communicate with other players and what is more important with the real croupier managing the process.

live high roller casinos

Clear Work Principles of Live Casinos

The working process is carried out with the video camera. In most of the cases, the game takes place in the special studio or in a land based casino. This allows online establishments to save up time and money for the creation of extraordinary plots and graphics for the arcades.

There are two kinds of the video broadcast. The first is when a player has the traditional table and a small window with the webcast to observe the actions of croupier in real time and see the changes on the table. The second is when the broadcast is organized directly on the table so that a gambler gets a feeling with everyone sitting around.

Different Types of Communication

Even though the online gaming process seems to be less realistic, developers work on the improvement of the interactive features of the communication between a dealer and players in live gambling establishments for high rollers. This way it becomes more engaging and gives the confidence in the results.

The means of conversation include video, audio, and traditional chat, so that one may make bets by a voice or just writing. Note that usually there are different languages available. When starting a round, a croupier welcomes each visitor by name, however, she (usually ladies perform the actions) does not see the participants.

Easy Game Joining

The process of joining the online house of such kind is quite simple and requires only the registration. It is significant to make a profound research on the available high stakes live casino before actually becoming a member of such. And this is due to the wide range of websites created just to make a profit without meeting the needs of their visitors.

Best High Roller Live Casino Soft Providers

Amidst the most reputable software developers that offer games in action are Playtech and Microgaming. The latter is quite prominent for its selection of the best attractive girls in the outfit of Playboy for the position of the dealer. Both of them support roulette, baccarat and blackjack live versions.

Rich Game Collection

The range of live amusements powered by their developers is quite extensive. However, not all of the online establishments may offer all the games that is mainly due to their preferences or the desire to become the first to release the latest.

The most popular are high rolling table games that include different variations of the traditional trio. Some of the houses, even provide their clients with live Hold’em.

high roller casinos with live dealer

Favorable Bonus Policy

This type of gaming houses is a true finding for high rollers. It is not just because of the possibility of betting high, but due to the enormous rewards provided by the administration. A number of bonuses may start with $1,000 and differs among the places. And in order to get bigger gifts, he or she simply needs to play bigger than usual.

Among the valuable prizes are welcome and match encouragements, and a special time-limited present a whale gets before the first charging. As for the special promotions there is possibility to ask for the returning of the deposit once meeting certain requirements, high roller gift for the charging of more than $1000 (depends on the online establishment), and demand up to $25 free with live dealers.

Convenient Payment Options

Once charging an account, a gambler has the possibility to let the show begin. There are several ways to charge the account that include credit cards, electronic and bank transfers, as well as offline payments. Due to the great amount of money high rollers usually put into action at once, some establishments introduce certain limits. It is essential to read carefully the withdrawal restrictions before selecting the payment option.

Benefits of High Roller Casinos via iPhone

In the 21st century lovers of the gambling industry may reap the fruits of software developers and access the high roller casino games from any place they are at due to iPhone online houses.

There is no more need to upload any additional program on the device, but to simply get registered on the site and dive into the fascinating world of online entertainments. Moreover, the level of trust and security of such places is quite substantial and has gained certain reputation and popularity.

high roller casinos for iphone

Easy Access on AppStore

The variety of online establishments is enormous. And every player may enjoy the instant gaming process from the website. However, those who feel bothered of visiting the website all the time and prefer to use the applications may take the benefits of the AppStore and upload the preferred entertainment. The selection of available programs is quite extensive and one can easily find the so adored game there.

Trusted Software Developers

Among the most popular and trusted software developers for online high rollers are Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Each of them has prepared their special thrills to amuse their clients.

Microgaming is a top casino provider with more than 600 games in its store. Starting from 2004, it has been releasing the products for mobile devices and tablets. And nowadays players may access with only one account all the amusements both from computers and smartphones.

NetEnt is famous due to its customization potential. It provides with a great variety of no download games as well as phone versions. The company is very famous for its slot machines that have even become the top choice in 2015.

Playtech is quite famous among high-rolling players due to its reliability and trust. It comprises of a wide range of games with live dealers and progressive jackpots. The developer also supports many options for depositing and withdrawing.

Most Popular Games among High Rollers

The range of games for high limit players available in iPhone casinos comprises of traditional entertainments such as blackjack, roulette, keno and even slot machines. Even though the list of such amusements is not as extensive as in desktop versions, it is prominently growing day by day. And soon every gambler will be able to enjoy the very favorite kind of the game right from the Apple mobile device.

Casino Bonuses for iPhone Owners

The substantial development of this gaming area combined with the enormous interest has led to the introduction of various gifts for the whales.

It starts with a traditional welcome award, matching bonuses for the weekend deposits and finishes with the range of loyalty promotions and programs for constant users. It also has exclusive rewards such as free spins, cash backs, and the membership in VIP clubs.

User-friendly Banking

The first problem that high limits may face when using mobile devices is the charging of account. However, the process is not that complicated as it may seem because most of the opportunities are available. Mobile casinos use the same banking methods as traditional online houses and include card charging, bank transfers and electronic systems of payment.

iphone casinos for high rollers


In some cases, a gambler may ask the administration for the increase of his or her depositing limits, but online whales do not need this as their bounds are usually quite high. There is also the opportunity to make payments with the mobile account which is quite convenient.


As every high rolling establishment, mobile versions have their certain limits for taking money as well. They are mostly about the sum that one can cash out during a day or at one time and they are highly dependent on the gaming establishment that sets up the rules. Thus, the combination of different banking methods may be in a great deal in this situation.

Best Android High Roller Casinos

Online houses for high rolling players get more and more popular each day. The idea of such places lies in the opportunity of making higher than in the traditional establishments bets and thus getting even more in return. With the introduction of different applications for Android smartphones, every thrill seeker got the chance to experience the best feeling of online high limit casinos from any place in the world.

 android high roller casinos

Download Options

To get the app for the Android phone is not a difficult task any more. One can choose between two ways of downloading. The first is to go to the official website of the online house and to get it to your gadget. And the second one is to upload it from the Google Play in one click.

Afterward, a high limit player needs to create his or her personal cabinet and start enjoying the gameplay. However, some online establishments may provide with special offers when registering on the laptop and then playing on a pocket device.

No Download with Instant Access

Online house developers try to ensure the best quality of the service and thus offer the possibilities to enjoy the favorite entertainments without additional requirements for uploading and registration. Every user can easily go online and play from the browser. It is possible due to html5 that supports the latest interactive media and possesses the improved features that make it understandable for both people and computers.

Top High Roller Games for Android

The range of Android amusements is extensive and everyone can satisfy the needs. The list of the best selection includes roulette varieties, blackjack, slot machines, and poker. With this set of entertainments making high stakes becomes a real pleasure.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most of the online high limit casinos provide their clients with attractive gifts that depend on the first account charging or on the participation in various promotions. There are awards for the registration, friends inviting, monthly or weekly opportunities and various programs for permanent clients.

high roller casinos for Android


Usually, whales get them for the first charging of their accounts. These bonuses may be of a different kind, such as the 1st deposit or a match gift that consists of some percentage of the deposit sum. Some online establishments even offer promotions for the 2nd and the 3rd chargings. Another option is a reload reward.

No Deposit

Such promos consist of welcome gifts, gaining membership and do not require the first account investment . They may include free spins, play, and money gifts. In most of the cases, it is necessary to make the deposit after the end of the game so not to lose the winning.

Wagering Terms

When getting the first winning cash, a player is immediately interested in taking it out and here are the situations when he or she has to be very careful in using the bonuses provided. Each high roller casino has certain rules for this though some of them may be similar from place to place.

It is obligatory to make the opening real investment to verify the profile. Sometimes it may be equal to the sum of winning or the amount stated in the conditions. And secondly, it is essential to use the reliable data so that different methods of wagering that include bank cards and electronic systems will be at your disposal.